Muscatatuck state mental hospital haunted

buchholz-photographie. The Pennhurst Asylum was built in 1908 and quickly became a hotbed of abuse, torture, and even. BUTLERVILLE, INDIANA--With just a few weeks before its scheduled closure as an institution, employees at Muscatatuck State Developmental Center are spending much of their time packing things away. The group visited Muscatatuck’s various buildings and sites – a tour that included a walkthrough of the jail and the hospital that was abandoned in 2001. Ann Klein Forensic Center. : 2 This psychiatric hospital is believed to be haunted by its former patients who died there. . One of Georgia's most infamous asylums-Georgia's Central State Hospital in Milledgeville-is still a point of fascination for many Georgia residents. It is believed to be haunted by those who died at the hospital. . . One person who used to work at the hospital claims that the grounds are madly. The location was planned to be turned into a university by 1998. 1. . 1). 12 was constructed in 1940 at a cost of $31,644.