Sherwood bac wiping stain

. Benefits. CLEAR TINT S64T50 CHESTNUT S64N51 DEEP CHERRY S64R52 WHITE ASH S64W53 EBONY S64B54. It offers good wiping characteristics with little to no grain raise on solid and veneer woods. For a lighter color, reduce with Mineral Spirits, R1K4, or wipe sooner. It can be used under catalyzed and solvent base clears, and waterborne UV. - Sher-Wood BAC Wiping Stain S64T50 Series. Good workability-10 minutes open time. . If it matters, it is a Sherwood BAC Wiping Chestnut stain. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sherwin Williams Sher-Wood bac wiping stain, clear tint base, gallon, kl at the best online prices. : Liquid. . S. . . com; 4. : Liquid. bvAvgRatingForScrReaders }} Star rating out of 5. How do you use Sher Wood BAC wiping? Application as a Wiping Stain Spray a full wet coat. Ceiling Systems ; Drywall & Gypsum Ceilings Fabric Ceilings. CLEAR TINT S64T50 CHESTNUT S64N51 DEEP CHERRY S64R52 WHITE ASH S64W53 EBONY S64B54. Tricky part of stains is that you gotta match the grain qnd the wood color. Broad palette of rich colors. Some finish also needs around 72 hours of the drying process. . 21 Posts. This is a Product Stub, which means it was created by a designer using Designer Pages PRO, not Sherwin-Williams. Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115. 10 lb/gal, 370 g/L. Product name : SHER-WOOD® BAC Wiping Stain Chestnut Base Product code : S64N51 Other means of identification Product type : Not available. Broad palette of rich colors. . 3. pdf – Wood Design; 5. Sherwin-Williams SHER-WOOD® SB Spray Stain finishing system offers significant benefits that ensure batch-to-batch consistency and excellent clarity. Use as a spray stain with further reduction Clean colors attain rich wood tones; welcome to the web site that discusses sher wood bac wiping. Sherwin Williams sells it under the Sherwood label. 3. The product I got from them is SHER-WOOD BAC Wiping Stain, which is oil-based, and they recommended I. Sherwin Williams dedicated subreddit. . . Ready-to-use. [PDF] bac-brochure-web. SHER-WOOD® BAC. a space for memes and anonymous employees. This product is a solvent based stain so it dries quickly versus a standard oil. com; 4.

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